Default Priority Levels

A priority level is assigned to each iService Request, below are some common request we receive and the priority levels they fall under. This chart is a guideline and priorities may vary depending on the request (i.e. employee can still perform duties as normal, multiple users affected, etc.).

Lowest Priority:
  • PC Hardware Install
  • Windows Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Outlook Email Setup
  • Printer Setup for Scanning
Low Priority
  • PC Re-image (Spare PC available)
  • New PC Purchase/Setup (Spare PC available)
  • Software (Re)Install
  • Printer Install on PC
Medium Priority
  • Network Folder Recovery
  • User Account Permissions
High Priority
  • PC Re-image (No spare PC)
  • New PC Purchase/Setup (No spare PC)
  • PC Hardware Install (PC is down)
Highest Priority
  • Viruses, Malware, Trojans on PC
  • Internet/Webpage Connectivity
  • Point of Sale Outage